【Aichi】“Miso-nikomi Udon” is a Dish of Udon with Bean Paste Noodle Soup2015.03.18


What is Miso-nikomi Udon? And why is it so yummy? We tell you how to enojoy Miso-nikomi Udon.First of all, what is Udon? Udon is Japanese noodle made of wheat. It is white and chewy. You can find Udon restaurants across the country and various kinds of menus (cold and hot) are available. Udon is as popular as Soba noodle (other kind of Japanese noodle) for Japanese people.

One of popular udon cuisines is “Miso-nikomi Udon”. “Miso” is fermented soybean paste. Color varies from light brown to dark . The popular dishes using miso are “miso soup”, “miso ramen (different type noodle)” and “Miso-nikomi Udon.”
“Miso-nikomi Udon” is often cooked with earthen pot called “Donabe.” Major ingredients are meats (back ribs and chicken etc.), fish minced and steamed, green onion, shiitake mushroom and centering around raw egg. If you cook, you could add anything you like. Ingredients become tender and deeply flavored with miso. In cold winter in Japan, this cuisine makes you warm and feels happy instantly!

Miso-nikomi Udon is specialty in Nagoya region. You can find famous restaurants there and other parts of Japan. Also, you can cook by yourself easily. Boil the water with instant bouillon, add vegetables and meats, then melt miso. Put udon and add raw egg just before you eat!

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