Suimono: A piece of art floating on clear soup.2013.06.28

Suimono (which translates to: ‘things to sip’) is a very traditional type of Japanese soup. Regardless of what else you put in it, as long as it is a clear soup, you can call it Suimono. It might just be a clear soup but it is definitely one of the best dishes to experience Japanese food philosophy.

Suimono is an exceedingly simple traditional Japanese soup that is usually made from seafood stock and some herbs as garnish. However, due to its incredible simplicity, it is very hard to master. When preparing Suimono, the chef also has to pay extremely close attention to the colour combination between the ingredients in order to create the perfect aesthetic. It is essential to appreciate the ‘art’ floating on the clear soup before you taste it.


It is said that: if you can tell what kind of stock as used for your Suimono with only one tasting of the soup, then you are very close to mastering the fundamentals of Japanese food!

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