“Kappo”, the traditional Japanese ceremonial dishes2013.06.15

Do you know that there are some styles in Japanese cuisine?
This time, we introduce Kappo, the most traditional Japanese dishes!

1. What does “Kappo” mean?

The word “Kappo” itself means cut foods by a kitchen knife and cook with fire. Yes, for originally, Kappo means just cooking. Traditional Japanese apron that use for Kimono, Japanese clothes, is called Kappo-wear. Apron of this style is still being used even now. People use Kappo-wear even on Western clothes.
Nowadays, Kappo means traditional and sophisticated Japanese cuisine, or the restaurant for the cuisine.

2. What is Kappo cuisine?

Which menu?
Actually, there is no clear definition of Kappo cuisine.
It includes traditional Japanese meal brought in courses( both simple and gorgeous one) and Buddhist vegetarian cuisine. Kappo is an all-embracing word of traditional Japanese prix-fixe menu.
In most cases, you can enjoy sliced raw fish and shellfish, deepfried fish and vegetables, fish and vegetables boiled with soy sauce, baked fish and vegetables. Using seasonal and fresh ingredient distinguish Kappo cuisine. Ingredient changes even seasoning, much more fish and vegetables.

3. What is Kappo restaurant?

If you want to fully enoy Japanese cuisine, we reccomend you to go to Kappo restaurant.
Special feature of Kappo restaurant is that you can watch the chef cooking right in front of you!
You can watch how to dress a fish and browning it nicely, using typically Japanese tools. If you are interested in cooking Japanese food, it will be a great experience.
Sometimes you can even talk with chef!

If you want to enjoy delicious taditional Japanese cuisine with your tongue and eyes, please visit Kappo restaurant!

"Kappo", the traditional Japanese ceremonial dishes

Photo by Masahiko Satoh


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