“Konpeito”, the Japanese sugar candy2013.04.12

Do you know Konpeito?It is very popular and beloved Japanese sweets.We don’t eat it everyday, but it’s still popular in Japan.

Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy in famous ballet work “the Nutcracker” is called “Dance of the Konpeito fairy” in Japan.
Like this, it is very cute and elegant Japanese sweets.

KonpeitoPhoto by zamojojo

1. What is Konpeito?

Konpeito is a mall coloured sugar candy covered in bulges.
It is said that was introduced from Portugal in 1546 to Japan.
But there are some difference between Portuguese and Japanese Konpeito.
While Portuguese one is colored very vivid and opaque, Japanese one is colored pale and clear.
It is made by sugar, water and food coloring.
Actually, it is not exraordinary tasty, because it is almost just sugar.
However, it is beloved because its looking.

"Konpeito", the Japanese sugar candy

2. When Japanese people eat Konpeito?

We don’t eat it everyday. It is not decided when you eat it.
Most Japanese people eat it whenever they want.
However, there are some very interesting cases to eat Konpeito.
In Japan, we use Konpeito as emergency provisions. It because Konpeito is sweet,high in calories, and its colorful and cute looking encourage people in emargency.
Konpeito is ready for preservation, so it is also used as fighter feeding for Japanese army.
It used as present at a Imperial wedding reception as well.

KonpeitoPhoto by zamojojo

3. Where can we buy it?

You can buy Konpeito most cheap confectionery store for children, some of supermarkets, Japanese-style confectionary store.
In Kyoto and Tokyo, there are stores that specializing in Konpeito.
You can buy there special fruits flavour Konpeito.



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