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Trip to the rural area by a rental car!2015.07.17


Do you know what is the staple food of Japanese people? Of course, it is rice.

In the Only Native Japan site, we have introduced one of the famous terraced rice field, Sakaori-tanada. In the summer, it is very beautiful because of its season of new green leaves. This time, we recommend the one day trip around Gifu prefecture, next to Aichi prefecture where its famous big city, Nagoya, belong to. However, to reach the terrace field, you may want to rent a car for your convenience.

Here is the recommended plan!

One day trip from Nagoya city in Aichi Prefecture.

You may want to reach Nagoya by a bullet train from Tokyo. Or you may reach the Chubu International Airport.  From there, it takes about 40 mins by an express train (870yen). You need to rent a car at Nagoya. By car, it takes about one hour and 30 mins by using high way. In Japan, you need to pay for taking high ways. It costs you about 2710yen.

  • Enjoy the great scenery of Sakaori-tanada, the terraced rice field in Ena city.
  • You can eat the famous local beef, called Hida wagyu.
  • You may try the Mino yaki pottery making at this area.


After that, you can drive to Mino city to see Udatsuno-agaru-matinami.

  • Enjoy the great scenery of Udatsuno-agaru-matinami.
  • You may try the Mino washi, one of the famous Japanese paper making.

It takes about 50 mins to come back to Nagoya.

Nagoya Castle




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