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Let’s have a fun with the most famous festivals in Japan2015.08.14

150804 ねぶた祭り2

It is very hot and humid in Japanese summer.  Here we still have a custom to enjoy the summer  by participating or watching powerful summer festivals. There is “the TOP 3 summer festivals,” called Tohoku TOP3 matsuri, such as Aomori Nebuta, Akita Kanto, and Sendai Tanabata. Recently, many people say that Yamagata Hanagaza should be included the TOP 3 summer festivals. This creates TOP 4 summer festivals in Japan.

You can visit all four festival during August at once! The dates and its schedules depends on the year, except Aomori Nebuta (August 2nd to 7th every year).

4nights and 5days trip to visit all 4 festivals!

First day

You need to take a bullet train from Tokyo to Aomori to watch or join Aomori Nebuta. It takes about 3 hours and 30 mins(17550 yen). You may want to arrive the place early if you do not have reserved seats. If you have reserved seats (it costs you 2600 yen per seat which is the cheapest or different price seat available), you may want to enjoy the Aomori before it gets started.

Second day


You need to move to Akita to watch Akita Kanto matsuri by a bullet train or an express train from Aomori. It takes about 2 hours and 50 mins by an express train(5070 yen) or by a bullet train (9270 yen). Again, you may want to arrive the place early if you do not have reserved seats. If you have reserved seats (it costs you 2100 yen per seat at the cheapest. There is Masu seats, 20000yen, for 6 people), you may want to enjoy the Akita before it gets started.

Third day

150810 仙台七夕まつり

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Let’s move to Sendai city in Miyagi prefecture to watch Sendai Tanabata matsuri. It takes about 2 hours and 45 mins by a bullet train(10710 yen). You may want to enjoy the embellishments both day and night. At Sendai, you would better enjoy the traditional famous food as well such as beef or fish cake, called Sasakama.  If you arrive early, you may want to visit tourist spots.

Fourth day


You need to go to Yamagata to enjoy the Hanagasa. It takes about One hour by a  express bus(930 yen). You can watch Hanagasa Matsuri both day and night. You can also try Soba, the Japanese noodle, or visit famous tourist spots.

Last day

You can come back to Tokyo by a bullet train. It takes about 2 hours and 45 mins(10450yen).

You must be slayed by those impressive performances!!

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