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Let’s enjoy the summer by visiting one of the top three waterfalls in Japan2015.07.31


In Japan, there are many kinds of “TOP 3” such TOP three summer firework festivals or TOP three beautiful scenery in the certain kind of field. There is TOP 3 waterfalls in Japan for the water falls such as Kegon no taki water falls in Tochigi prefecture, Fukuroda falls in Ibaraki prefecture, and Nati falls in Wakayama prefecutre as we introduced previously. In Japan, people believe so-called Power spots, which give them special some kind of spiritual inspirations such as to be lucky, to get well or so on.

Let’s enjoy the water falls during the summer to get inspirations and coolness!

One night and two days trip to Wakayama prefecture

You may want to use an airplane from Haneda airport to Nanki Shirahama airport (The site is Japanses only). It takes about 1 hour and 15 mins and costs you between 17000 yen to 33000 yen, depending on the time you book your flight. From the airport, there is a way to get Nati falls. However, it takes  about 4 hours, so it is recommended to use an express bus by local bus companies(links are below). It cost you about 3400 yen.

You can enjoy the followings…

  • Visiting Nati falls, one of the TOP3 water falls in Japan
  • Walking around in Kumano kodo, the world’s cultural heritage in Wakayama prefecture

If you have time and rent a car rather than using an express bus, it is good idea as well. Ise jingu shrine in Mie prefecture is also one of the place you must watch as a spiritual spot.

You can enjoy the followings…

  • Visiting Ise jingu, one of the famous shrines in Japan
  • Eating local foods such as Ise udon the noodles or Akafuku, the Japanese sweet red beans and race cakes


credit to Kentaro Ohno

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