【Shiga】Shirahige Shrine: The beautiful view of the gate floating on the lake2016.01.08

160108 白髭神社

Shirahige Shrine is a Shinto shrine located in Takashima, Shiga Prefecture, which is the middle part of Japan. Here is familiar with the biggest lake in Japan, called Lake Biwa. This shrine founded in 5B.C. was registered as the national important cultural property.

Many people already have known that Itsukushima Shrine at Miyagima is famous for its big red gate, called “Torii,” which is standing on the sea. Shirahige shrine also has a floating “Torii” on the Lake Biwa. This is standing about 30 meters offshore. As it reminds of the beauty of “Torii” at Itsukushima Shrine, it is often called “Itsukushima in Omi.” “Omi” is a name of the province here established before the prefectural system was introduced. Although “Torii” here is smaller than Miyajima’s, it still creates beautiful scenery with slightly changing mood of the lake.

This shrine is dedicated to “Sarutahiko Okami” who is the grand head of Shirahige shrines all over the country. He is the leader of the early enshrined deity of the Shinto religion. He is said to be a symbol of guidance of roads and become the origin of aikido, the Japanese famous modern material art.

Shirahige” means “white beard,” and this name shows the pray for longevity, but not only longevity, this place is also great to pray for prosperous business, better lucky, matchmaking, having a baby, and naming a newborn. For these reasons, this shrine has been featured as a power spot, and many young people are visiting here nowadays. The breathtaking view here is enough to convince your visit.


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