【Chiba】Umihotaru, travelers’ oasis in the sea2015.12.25

151225 海ほたる ひる

With 360 degree panoramic views of Tokyo Bay, Umihotaru is truly a masterpiece of our generation. With the unique bridge-tunnel crossover of Toyko Bay Aqua Line, which connects the city of Kawasaki in Kanagawa prefecture and Kisarazu in Chiba prefecture, traversing between two locations has never been so enjoyable. While initially designed as a resting spot for travelers, the magnificence of the Aqua Line’s Umihotarou has made it a bustling tourist spot since the first opening in 1997.

Umihotaru, whose impressive modern exterior reflects its name’s translation of “sea firefly,” is a five story parking lot which forms a rectangular man-made island long the Aqua Line. While three levels of parking provide a resting place for weary travelers, the other two levels provide relaxation and entertainment for all, with shops, restaurants, cafes and amusement facilities. Visitors can enjoy a variety of establishments within the precinct along with a free Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line museum for the curious traveler.

However, this rest stop for travelers provides more than just amenities, boasting beautiful 360 degree views from its impressive observation deck. When clear skies accompany your journey, visitors can see sights such as Haneda airport, Tokyo Sky Tree and even Mount Fuji. For those who enjoy ocean views, sea breezes and plentiful photo opportunities, a visit to the Umihotaru deck is not to be missed.

With abundant entertainment and amenities, and beautiful views, Unihotaru is a tourist spot, which people can appreciate and enjoy.

151225 海ほたる よる


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