【Mie】 “Nabana no sato,” The Flower Park of a Million Lights2015.12.18

151218 なばなの里

Nabana no sato” is a large botanical garden park at “Nagashima Resort’s theme,” located in the Mie prefecture. The resort is known for being the country’s largest amusement park, with a huge flower square, restaurants and hot springs. In the flower park there are a tremendous numbers of flowers of different species in every season. The Hydrangea display is the largest. You can also see a carpet of Cosmoses and Dahlias in fall, andother varieties such as Tulips, Roses, and Daffodils. However, many flowers don’t bloom in winter, so the resort designed a light show that is just as stunning as the flowers.”

Over 8 million LED lights illuminate the light show, open from late October to mid May. The light display, decorated within a wide range of light combination and colors, has careted “Nabana no sato,” which is one of the famous illumination spots in Japan. Around 2 million people come from all over the world to see this fantastic light festival. Every year people enjoy different variety of landscapes by light. Each year the topical light display changes. One of the topics, nature, created the light image of Mount Fuji. Another topical display theme was Niagara Falls. The most famous light attraction was a beautiful light tunnel that was created using 1.2 million light bulbs, and is 200 m in length. This spectacular light tunnel never changes and is known as the symbol of “Nabana no sato.” The “Kawazu Sakura light tunnel,” is another light tunnel that employs 700,000 pink LED light to create a tunnel of simulated cherry blossoms.

During the day, you can enjoy various seasonal floral landscapes like Tulips in sprin, Cosmos and Dahlia in autumn, and the “Ashiyu,” a foot spa where you can rest. Then after the sunset,  you enjoy light display. To reach “Nabana no sato” from Tokyo, take the bullet train to Nagoya, change to Kintetu line, disembark at Kintetsu Nagashima, and take a shuttle bus. The trip takes approximately 3 hours.

Nabana no sato” is famous for 8.5 million colorful light bulb illuminations. The light shows open from late October to mid May, so for almost a half year, you can enjoy light park. “Nabana no sato” is basically a botanical garden Nagashima Resort’s theme” in the Mie prefecture.

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