【Aichi】Atsuta Shrine, one of the most important places for worship2015.11.23

151006★ 熱田神宮

The Atsuta Shrine is one of the most popular shrines for worship in Japan from ancient times. This shrine was founded almost 2000 years ago and is located in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, the middle part of Japan, where is two hours by the bullet and local trains from Tokyo.

During the Meiji era, the shrine was remodeled and became the second largest shrine after The Grand Shrine of Ise, which was established in Mie Prefecture. As Ise Shrine is, the Atsuta Shrine is in the truly Japanese “Shinmei- zukuri” architecture style.

This shrine enshrines the Sun Goddess “Amaterasu” and is home of the national treasure “Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi,” ( the sacred grass mowing sword) which is one of the three regalia of the imperial family. The others are the scared juwels in the Imperial Palace in Tokyo and the sacred mirror at The Grand Shrine of Ise.

The Sun Goddess “Amaterasu,” called “Amaterasu Omikami,” is the central deity of the Japanese mythology. The story is written in the two oldest Chronicles but there are various theories about her, and many parts remain unexplained. The imperial sword “Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi” is never displayed to the public due to being very sacred.

At the Atsuta Gingu Museum, more than 4000 articles were donated by the Imperial Family and feudal lords. These important treasures are exhibited for visitors to learn the deep stories about the shrine. The displayed articles are changed every month.

After visiting the shrine buildings, try to eat local dishes of Nagoya, which are a grilled eel on rice called “Hitsumabushi” and “Kishimen” noodles, broad noodles with strong soup of soy sauce.



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