【Nagano】Kamikochi offers breathtaking alpine landscapes2015.11.09

151109 上高地

Kamikochi is a popular resort in the Northern Japan Alps. It is one of Japan’s most scenic spots, located in Nagano Prefecture. The whole area has spectacular mountain scenery and is covered with virgin forests of birch and Japanese larch trees. You can enjoy a pleasant hike with beautiful streams and lovely snow-capped mountains. If you are lucky, you may see wild monkeys playing in the trees. The purity of the forest, rivers, mountains and snow is simply breathtaking.

The official hiking season is from mid/late April to November 15th. To keep the area pristine, private cars are banned. Access to Kamikochi is only available by bus or taxi. The simplest way to enjoy a day trip in Kamikochi is hiking the trails along Azusa River from Taisho Pond to Myojin Bridge. The hiking trails are well maintained and quite easy to walk. It is a mostly flat terrain and requires no hiking experience. The trails can be slippery in the rain, so it is highly recommended to prepare trekking shoes and rain gears for the sudden climate change. Kamikochi also offers lovely hotels and inns with hot springs. If you have more time and want to feel peace in nature, overnight stay is an amazing option. Some spots like the symbolic Kappa Bridge are busy. Once most tourists leave after the last bus, the place becomes sacred with the sound of a stream and the magnificent mountains in the background.

Kamikochi is an amazing place which should be on your must-see list. This area is truly a gem of Japan.


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