【Hiroshima】“Miyajima,” One of the Three Best Views in Japan2015.10.26

151026 宮島

Miyajima,” originally named “Itsukushima,” is the small island in Hiroshima prefecture. It is also called “The island of the God” and had been built up with their unique culture, strongly connecting Shinto shrines with Buddhist temples. As well as their historical festival through a year, you can enjoy the specific events in each season. This historical romantic place is famous for being one of the 3 best scenery in Japan.

The symbol of “Miyajima“: “Itsukushima Shrine”

Itsukushima Shrine” was registered as a World Heritage site in 1996 as it has reflected the Japanese traditional architectural style. The first “Torii” was built in 1168 and constructed about 200 meters offshore. The view of “Torii” is different, depending on the tide. When the tide is in, “Torii” looks as it is floating on the sea. And when the tide is out, you can walk to just beneath “Torii.” Especially when it is illuminated at night, this scenery is just breathtaking. This “Torii” stands on its own weight in the sea without fastened by anything. It seems to be a magic but using Japanese architecture technique can make it possible. It is said that “Torii” is the boundary line between the spirit and the human world, and this vermilion color is regarded as keeping evil spirits away.

Nature and Festivals for each season

There is a big park in front of the dock, and you can feed a deer. In addition, you can see the pretty cherry blossoms in the spring, the fire works festival in the summer, the beautiful foliage colored in red and yellow in the autumn.In addition, you can enjoy oyster festival in the winter as well. These are the biggest recommendable events for you to enjoy other than the historical sacred architectures.

Apart from the above, there are 2 famous foods in Miyajima, which are “Momiji Manju,” sweet buns with red beans, and “Anagomeshi” (conger rice), the best local dish.



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