【Saitama】Millions of red flowers at peak in Kinchakuda, Hidaka2015.10.19

151005★ ひだか巾着田

Spider lilies, commonly known as “Higanbana” (equinox flower) in Japan, bloom and reach their peak between September and October. Kinchakuda Park in Hidaka City located in Saitama prefecture is one of the best spots to see spider lilies. The whole area turns into a red carpet covered with 5 millions of red spider lilies in sweeping fields. You would be mesmerized with its stunning scenery.

Kinchakuda Park holds a spider lily festival annually in late September to mid-October and has over 300,000 visitors during the festival. You can also see pretty cosmoses along with red spider lilies. The park is a 10-15 minute walk from Koma Station that is accessible on Seibu Line within an hour of Ikebukuro, Tokyo. During the festival, a small fee around 300 yen is necessary at the entrance. Aside from autumnal flowers like spider lilies, the park has different flowers for each season: “sakura” (cherry blossoms) and “nanohana” (field mustards) in spring, “ajisai” (hydrangea) and “hasu” (lotuses) in summer, and the spider lilies turn into a green carpet in winter. No wonder 800,000 people visit this heavenly park throughout the year.

If you are keen to take some magnificent photos to post on SNS, visiting Kinchakuda Park definitely meets your desire.


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