【Ehime】”Omogokei,” Nature’s Manifestation2015.10.09

151009★ 面河渓

Japan has mountains and rivers that create fantastic mountain landscapes. One of these is “Omogokei” in “Ehime” prefecture in “Shikoku.” It is a beautiful gorge, under a canopy of virgin forest, shaped rocks, waterfalls, and ravines with towering cliffs. Located near the “Nidoyo” river and “Shikoku Mountains.” The “Nidoyo” at the foot of the “Ishizuchi” Mountain(1,982 meters high, the highest mountain in Western Japan), flows through Shikoku, 7km north of this gorge. The length of “Omogokei” is 10 km with a  5km walking trai . The Gorge is famous for transparency of its river water, which is so clear one can see the river bottom while walking. The river water is named “Niyodo Blue,” a refreshing bluest tint.

There are 3 famous “Omogokei” trail routes, one viewing trail is “Kanmon,” where the river begins, flowing through a very narrow granite gap. Next is “Goshiki,” creating five colors of its water. From the trail you enjoy, the blue of the water, black moss growth, white granite rocks, green algae and the red maple leaves in autumn. The other great trail view is “Kamehara,” a monolith. The contrast between the monolith and clear blue river water is stunning.

“Omogokei” is an hour and a half by airplane from Tokyo to “Matuyama” and then 2 hours by local bus. Accommodations and river rafting tours are readily available. The “Omogokei” Mountain museum is located at the gorge entrance, which will show visitors about animals, plants, rocks, and the ancient mountain worship shrines.

Visit “Omogokei” and enjoy a unique landscape and witness thousand-year history.

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