【Food】Taste of the fall, “Waguri” Japanese Chestnut2015.10.07

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The fall is harvest season. So, you can enjoy a lot of delicious foods in Japan. One of traditional taste in the fall is the chestnut, “Waguri” in Japanese. Especially the chestnut grown and picked in Japan is called as “Waguri.” Its literally meaning is consisted of “Wa” and “Kuri” which means chestnut. “Wa” has the meanings of harmony as well as Japanese style.

There is a long history between Japanese people and chestnuts. The chestnuts have been already eaten and grown for 5,500 years ago. According to the ancient literature, the old Japanese government had encouraged people to grow chestnut trees in the 7th century because chestnut was recognized as a nutrient-rich food. Then, as chestnut trees were selectively bred, it became popular food. Especially, the good quality chestnuts were served to the Emperor and nobles. One of the best quality chestnut is “Tanba-Guri,” it is grown in Tanba. Tanba is the area across Hyogo and Kyoto prefecture. The weather in Tanba is suitable for chestnut tree to grow, especially its temperature difference between daytime and nighttime. “Tanba-Guri” is called as the king of chestnut because of its sweetness, beautiful and good shape. Nowadays, people recognized “Tanba-Guri” as a luxury food because it is only 1% of total chestnut production. So, the price of cake,which made of high quality, using “Tanbaguri” costs over 10,000 yen! Despite of its high price, the cake is well-selling and it takes a long time to get this after the order.

Japanese love “Waguri.” You can enjoy the taste of it as a food, of course. However, you can also enjoy going out for chestnuts picking in nature. Please feel the harmony of nature, taste and the joy of the harvest!

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