【Wakayama】The world Buddhism holy place, Mount Koya, unveiling event2015.10.05

151001 高野山

This spring, Mount Koya welcomed its 1200 years special anniversary of construction, as the center of world Buddhism holy place, founded by Kukai, known as Kobo-daishi. In the history of Mount Koya, Kodo, one of the holy institutions at Mount Koya, was complete destruction by fire in 1926 as well as its 7 Buddha statues, including its enshrined God. Existing 8th Kodo was re-constructed in 1934 as well as the Buddha statues. However, those were hidden ever since even though it was claimed to be seen under the culture survey. The hidden principal image is shown to the public under the name of its foundation of 1200 years anniversary. The event is called “Gokaicho(Special Unveiling)” in this spring. It is re-unveiling from October 1st to November 1st. It is the special moment throughout the history.

Kukai, childhood name Mao, was grown up in the family, faithful to Buddhism. He studied Confucianism and Chinese classics at the university when he was 18 years old. However, learning at the university was to train bureaucrats under the thought of the Confucianism, which is different from the Kukai‘s thoughts. He wanted to change the world and help people who were suffering. He become a priest when he was 19 years old. Even he studied well about Buddhist scriptures, he was not satisfied, so he decided to go to China for two years. After he came back in 806, he started disseminate Buddhism. The emperor at that time gave him Mount Koya for him in 812, and he started to create the path to founding this Buddhism holy place.

Some institutes at Mount Koya and its approaches have certified the World Heritage site in 2004.

Mount Koya is well known for its beauty of foliage season. It starts usually from the middle of October to the beginning of November. Please enjoy the world Buddhism holy place in the foliage season.


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