【Mie】”Okage Yokocho” is a trip though time in the ”Edo” era2015.09.23

150923★ おかげ横丁

If you want to experience with life styles of Edo era,  you may like Okage Yokocho. It is a pilgrimage road for Ise Gingu shrine. “Okage” literally means indebted or thankful and “Yokocho”  literally means alley. People appreciate it for a daily natural blessing and health. This alley is 800m long and 9 square kilometers. Walking the alley allows visitors to sample traditional foods, stop by souvenir shops and visit museums that display Edo culture and histories. The alley was faithfully reproduced by Isefuku, an affiliate company, “Akafuku” which is also the same name famous Japanese sweet at the Ise area in 1993.  Buildings at the Okage Yokocho are all built by the same architectural structures as the Edo era. Ise Jingu Shrine is a world famous shrine due to its importance as Japan’s religious and spiritual center. The Shinto shrine is over 2,000 years old and exhibits the simplicity and beauty of the religion in a coalescence of trees and stones.

At the Okage Yokocho, people can enjoy the Picture-story show (slide show) or Japanese Taiko drumming performance. People taste some traditional foods and local products such as “Ise Udon(it is totally different from the regular Udon noodle!)” or local cuisine “Akafuku.” Basically, enjoying Okage yokocho is free.

By Bullet train the shrine is 2 hours away from Tokyo, if you choose the local train, transit at Nagoya. However, please prepare for 4 hours of travel time. Each year, the site hosts over a million visitors and pilgrims that walk around the Okage Yokocho.


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