【Okinawa】Churaumi Aquarium, introducing thebeautiful ocean2015.08.26

150826 美ら海水族館

Okinawa prefecture is one of Japans’ southern islands. It is 2,1/2 hours from Tokyo by air. The sea that surrounds “Okinawa” is a jewel of nature due to its abundance of sea life and is a coveted location to view many varieties of fish – both large and small that inhabit the ocean paradise. This ocean area is unique because of warm current and ocean depth that create perfect conditions for aquatic flora and fauna growth. To celebrate this natural phenomenon Okinawa has built the “Churaumi Aquarium.” The aquarium is built into part of an Ocean Expo Park and is one of the world’s largest. “Chura” means beautiful and “Umi” means ocean.

The aquarium has 77, ocean lives, display tanks. The aquarium is designed to allow visitors to start at the beach level and gradually voyage down into the deep-sea world .The most famous tank is the “Kuroshio” tank that occupies the first and second floor level. The tank is 8.2 m. high, 22.5 m. wide, with 60 cm. thick, acrylic windows. The tank holds a school of whale sharks and manta rays that were bred in captivity and numerous varieties of sea lives.

Other, ‘hands on’ exhibits allow children to touch living starfish and seashells. The aquarium has the largest living coral reefs exhibit, fish that inhabit the reef swim excitedly in and out, playing an important role in controlling seaweed and zoanthids which inhibit the growth of coral.

‘Must see’ area sea animal attractions are Dolphin Lagoon, Sea Turtle Pool, and Manatee Pool. Then please enjoy and relax on beautiful Emerald Beach.


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