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150820 朝顔

Asagao is a name of flower, known for Japanese morning glory in English. It has vines and beautiful flower which blooms in early summer. The language of flowers is “a love in vain” and “loving” because of its characteristics. It has short lifetime, booming in the morning and wilting in the afternoon. It has thick and strong vain, so there is a language of flowers “a strong bond.”

Asagao had been brought from China in Nara era in Japan. Its seeds used to be for medicine. In Edo era, it became grown for ornamental purpose.

In Japan, many students at elementary school have a duty to grow Asagao in the summer vacation. They sow 3~5 seeds and water several times a day and water twice a day. Setting poles for the vines of Asagao. The flowers bloom beautifully. Their colors are blue, or purple. The elementary school students need to study about raising living things from this homework.

It has some species such as Noah Asagao, Early call, and Flying saucer etc.. In these days, green curtain making becomes a fad for ecology spirits, so growing Asagao against the wall as green curtain.

There is an event, called Asagao  Festival every July around Tanabata festival at Tokyo at evenings.


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