【Niigata】One of the very beautiful firework festivals, Nagaoka2015.07.28

150728★The top 3 Fireworks Festivals in Japan are Ohmagari Firework Festival in Akita Prefecture, Tsuchiura Firework Festival in Ibaraki Prefecture, and Nagaoka Firework Festival in Niegata Prefecture. Nagaoka Firework Festival will be held on August 2nd and 3rd, starting from 19:30 to 21:10 (August 1st is pre-festival).

What’s the difference?

These 3 Firework Festivals are of course very beautiful in summer. Other 2 Fireworks are considered as summer events, however, Nagaoka Firework Festival is especially meaningful.
On August 1, 1945, the bombs were dropped down on Nagaokacity and about 1,500 people were killed. Since then, Nagaoka city holds the Firework Festival as a memorial service every summer.

Seats reservation is highly recommended

Nagaoka Fireworks Festival has some reserved seats. The price depends on the closeness from the fireworks. The most expensive seat costs 18,000yen per place, which is the capacity of 6 people . Of course, there are free seats, but watching from the reserved seats has a tremendous impact, and it is much impressive with its sounds. There is one problem. All the reserved seats are lottery, so some popular seats may be fully booked at this time. Some reserved seats are boarded-up or prepared pipe chairs.

The programs

Usually, the fireworks start with the music. Especially at Nagaoka firework festival, the musics tend to relate the restoration and wishes for the future because of its purpose. Sanshaku-dama (this is one of the fireworkds. Sanshaku is the size of one firework.) and Niagara (this looks like Niagara fall.) are shoot, yearning for peace.


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