【Food】Sea Vegetable Super food – “Umi-bdou”2015.07.23


Japan is an island country that thrives on the abundant seafood and plant life found in its offshore waters. One edible plant species is “Umi-budou.” It is unique type of seaweed that only grows in the warm, subtropical, pristine waters that surround in Okinawa and Kagoshima prefectures. “Umi” means ocean and “Budou” means grape. The scientific plant name is Caulerpa Ientillifera. Umi-budou seaweed forms in small salty, green spheres that looks like grapes and sometimes called Green Caviar. “Umi-Budou” is not only popular in Japan, but the seaweed is also quite popular in the Philippines and is growing in International popularity.

Another name of the seaweed is ‘Longevity Grass.’ “Umi-Bdou” is low in calories (100g contains only 4kcal), high in dietary fiber and rich in Vitamin K, Iron, Magnesium, Calcium and Iodine. The Japanese believe that it prevents or can be used to treat high blood pressure, vascular disorder and many types of related diseases or conditions such as obesity, hypothyroidism and radiation exposure. It is used in food as culinary delicacy is highly touted, when used as a topping for the fish dish “Sashimi,” or dipped in “Ponzu” sauce. One enjoys the palatable, chewy, salty texture that makes it a natural for salads and cold pasta. Store at room temperature and use within a couple of days.

Similarly, “Umi-budou” has great female beauty benefits and can be found as the main ingredient in weight loss, cellulite control, detoxification, hair and skin products.

Make “Umi-budou,” the sea vegetable, a part of your diet for longevity, beauty and weight control.


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