【Culture】Foorin-the Summer Bell2015.07.17


A summer bell, called “Foorin” is very famous historical charm in Japan. Especially in the summer, people want to feel the coolness by hearing the color of Foorin which tend to be hanged beside the window at the general household. Foorin needs to be hanged  where is well-ventilated. The sound of Foorin by swinging with breeze is absolutely comfortable and makes us cool down.  The best effect is that its easy sound leads us into a well- sleep during the restless summer nights or even day time nap.

Nowadays, there are some designs and its materials used for Foorin such as the ones made of glass, made of iron material, which create different color.

Enmusubi Furin at Hikawa shrine

There is an interesting event using Foorin. In Hikawa shrine in Kawagoe city in Saitama prefecture, there is an event, called “Enmusubi Furin.” The shrine is famous for enshrining “Enmusubi,” which generally means the connections between a man and a woman, that is, a marriage. The event has just started last year, but it becomes the event for many people who are interested in both Enmusubi and those color of Foorin to cool down. The worshippers can hung the strip of paper with the wish written under the each Foorin to enshrine that their wishes come true. There are other arts using a basket ball made by bamboos and Foorin.

Please enjoy the coolness of Foorin with the color.




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