【Hokkaido】Lavenders bloom at its Best!2015.07.14


The Furano region in Hoaakaido is famous for sparkling lavender fields that bloom from early July to mid-August, and “Furano’s” world renown essential oil products. During the season, Japan Railroad, (JR), “Hokkaido” operates a special train “Furano-Biei Norokko Train” between “Furano” and “Biei” where you can enjoy romantic and scenic memories of the lavender fields and the “Tokachi” mountain range as backdrop. To reach Furano, one must take an hour and half flight from “Haneda” to “Asahikawa,” then transfer to train for a short ride south. There are many varities of lavender fields that cover Furano. The purple lavender flower creates a beautiful rolling, regional flower carpet backed by snow capped mountains. This image creates spectacular photographs and lasting memories.

There are many lavender farms in Furano, the most famous farm is the ‘Tomita Farm.’ This farm began producing lavender oil in the late 1950’s and initiated regional lavender growth and recognition. In 1976, JR selected a photograph of the ‘Tomita‘ lavender field for its widely distributed calendar, which made “Furano” famous as the Lavender Region. The “Tomita Farm” essential oil “Okamura Saki” won first place at the prestigious French ‘Lavender Fragrance Fair’ in 1990. Most of regional lavender fields, which produce essential oil, soap, flavoring potpourri and perfume, are open to public.

In Furano, you will cross paths with travelers from many nations. The weather of summer in Hokkaido is dry and breezy. The town hosts a number of great places to eat and enjoy delicious cuisine.

Visit Furano and enjoy cool summer weather, a beautiful lavender vista and delicious food.


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