【Culture】Japanese accessories, Pearls and Red Corals2015.07.10


Many women like accessories or jewelry. Japanese women do as well. In fact, I remember that when my mother gave me a pearl necklace as a 20 years old birthday, I was so happy. Pearl is so special accessory and in special occasions, women tend to wear them.

When to wear

People put on 40cm length pearl necklace, 4~5mm simple earrings, and an orthodox ring in the funerals or special unhappy occasions. On the other hand, in the wedding events or special happy occasions, they put on the showy designed pearls. In this way, pearls use both happy and unhappy scenes. It is an interesting trait.


It is often said that the elder people tend to prefer the bigger size and its roundness while young people tend to prefer the smaller size of pearl because smaller ones can be well-matched to the daily clothes.

Categories of pearls

Hon- shinjyu, the real pearl, is mainly cultured from Akoya oysters living in Japanese coastal waters, and they are characterized by delicate hue and luster. Pearls colors include pink, white, blue, and black. The most popular sizes are 5-7mm in diameter, and sizes over 8mm are highly prized.

Tansui pearl, cultured in plain water, is not round but like a rice shape. The accessory, using tansui pearl, is more likely to be used by young people.

By the way, do you know red coral? This is also jewelry to be made from not mineral resources but organic or creatures. Japan is few jewelry producing country , however, only pearls and red coral are admitted as a rare country of them.

Difficulty of culturing

  • Pearls: Culture period is too long, a pearl inside get out of the shell or have a disease. The perfect shape or hue and luster are different by caring.
  • Red coral: The 2 white parts which are called ‘Fu’ is a symbol of the Japanese Red coral. Only Japan can look after ‘Fu’ but we now, it is so difficult even for the experts.

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