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You may be accustom with other soy sauce companies. Most of the companies use imported soy beans to make soy sauce, however, one of the local soy sauce breweries, “Yugeta shoyu,” use organic domestic ones. It is so rare that many foreign soy sauce lovers must be interested in this soy sauce.

Soy beans, raised by Organic way, are surely delicious. Of course, a preservative, a coloring agent, a chemical seasoning is all additive-free so that we can eat it safely, too.

The progress

To be fermented, soy beans are to be ripen in the very huge pails, made by Japanese cedars, for longer time.

→ Good fermentation produces the element of alcohol which prevent the putrescent.

Good taste

Soy beans: grown at Hatoyama town, Saitama prefecture. Hatoyama town is great place to grow soy beans.
Water: Yugeta shoyu is made from clear water, too. This area in Saitama prefecture has much springwater.
Salt: sun-dried salt from the ocean

There are different kinds of soy sauces, produced at Yugeta shoyu.

  • Ginjyo namashiboari soy sauce (brew directly from soy bean broth) which require chilled storage
  • Ginjyo namashiboari soy sauce, used Umino sei, the salt of Izu-Oshima
  • Nama soy sauce, using twice amount of materials and storage life

It is also fantastic liquid seasoning in Japan. In addition, there are many recepes with this soy sauce such as Ramen(Chinese noodle) soup, Roasted beef sauce, sashimi’s partner, and even ice cream.

When you visit Japan someday, why don’t you try soy sauce brewery ones?  There are other soy sauce breweries in Japan as well. You can even have an experience of making soy sauce. Even though it only lasts limited time, it is different from the ones you can purchase at the supermarket.

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