【Shizuoka】 “Shiraito no Taki” discharges the water of melted snow on Mt. Fuji like white threads2015.06.25

150625 白糸の滝(静岡)

Taking its water mostly from melting snow on Mt. Fuji, “Shiraito no Taki” looks magnificent with hundreds of falls gushing off the edge of a 20-meter cliff. When the sunlight comes to a right point, a rainbow appears over the deep blue and green water at its basin where rainbow trouts swim. The 200-meter wide waterfalls are located in the city of Fujinomiya in Shizuoka prefecture at the southwestern foot of Mt. Fuji.

Shiraito no Taki” means “waterfalls of white threads.” As the name tells, hundreds of the small falls look like silk threads. The name itself is not unique as there are more than ten falls named “Shiraito no Taki” across Japan. But the waterfalls in Fujinomiya city earn a high grade in and outside Japan. It was designated as a National Scenic Beauty and National Natural Monument in 1936. It is also picked in 1990 as one of Japan’s 100 Best Waterfalls. In 2013, it became a World Cultural Heritage Site as a part of the assets related to Mt. Fuji.

One more notable feature of the place is “Otodome no Taki,” another waterfalls that are just five minutes walking distance from Shiraito Falls. In stark contrast to quiet and elegant Shiraito Falls, Otodome Falls are powerful and dynamic with a 25-meter column of water that creates a roaring sound. From old times, people often describe Shiraito Falls as feminine and Otodome Falls as masculine when comparing the pair.

Every season, the waterfalls provide visitors with different relaxing landscapes. The area is filled with healthy negative ions. It is chilly even in summer when the falls stand out against the background of the vivid green foliage. Seeing from some distance, photographers can take the picture of Shiraito Falls in colored leaves with the snowcapped Mt. Fuji in autumn.


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