【Food】Katsuo no tataki, “Sashimi” of bonito2015.06.24


Do you like “sashimi”? Some foreign people do not like it because it is raw fish. However, it is really popular in Japan as you know. Among fishes, bonito is one of the typical fish for “sashimi” especially in this time of the year.

Katsuo no tataki” is sashimi of bonito, however, the recipe is different. When we cook “Katsuo no tataki,” we grill the surface of bonito a little and put it into water with ice to concentrate its juice.  Then, it needs to be cooled and sliced pieces. Then it looks like rare beef steak. Make sure it is fish!

It can be eatable without grilling. However, it sometime gives us the a fishy smell. This is why people like to grill the surface of it. “Katsuo no tataki”is not raw but mostly you tastes it like raw fish. So if you hate “sashimi”, I do not recommend it. On the other hand, if you love “sashimi,” you absolutely find it as a great dish! Please try once!

We eat it with grated ginger instead of “wasabi.” Most foreigners eat “sashimi” or “sushi” without “wasabi” because this is too hot. Ginger is also hot, however, foreigners eat it in Western cuisines, so you may be used to it.

We eat “Katsuo no tataki” with chopped finely-chopped Welsh onion and “Ooba,” macrophyll, which is one of green leaf  like herbs. These three are good spices, go with “Katsuo no tataki.”

By the way, we Japanese like to eat it with drinking “sake.” As you know,it is Japanese alcohol and really suit “Katsuo no tataki.” In old era, Oda Nobunaga who was “Shougun”(a leader of Japan) had served it with “sake” to his servant, so  it says “sake” is more suitable to beer.


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