【Hokkaido】World Famous “Asahiyama” Zoo2015.06.18


Asahiyama” Zoo is one of world’s premier and unique locations for viewing over 700 animals and 124 different animal species in a fascinating interactive environment. Each year, the zoo hosts over three million local and international visitors. It is located in Hokkaido (northern Japan), a two hours plane trip from Tokyo and is considered a must visit for zoologists to study animal behavior and breeding habits

In 1997, the zoo under the direction of Chief Manager, Masao Kosuge, decided to adapt the animal viewing to an interactive experience by providing a natural environment viewing animal interface instead of a static window pane, viewing exhibit. After building, “Totori no Mura” (Totori’s Village), which enabled visitors to see birds flying freely in a huge cage, the zoo installed more interactive facilities including a Polar Bear Aquatic Park, a walk- through Penguin aquarium, an Orangutan trapeze, and a Seal aquarium which includes a vertical tube through which the seals can swim. This gives the zoo visitor a close up view of the both animal habitats and their habits. The most zoo exhibit is the Penguin aquarium. The penguins can exercise and play in a stress free viewing environment. You can watch penguins swim in the underwater tube tunnel pool. Some of exhibition cages have inverted glass ‘Seals Eye’ domes, which allow to observe eating and mating habits of Polar Bear and Wolves from close range.

The mixed lion and tiger exhibit is another, “don’t miss,” interactive show.

Arashiyama” Zoo is a natural experience for both young and old.


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