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You know what? A loquat is called “Biwa” in Japanese. This is a very sweet high-quality fruit. This is produced in Nagasaki prefecture, Chiba prefecture , Ehime prefecture and so on. In the time of Spring to early summer, you can enjoy fresh “Biwa.” The followings are some classifications of Biwa.

1. “Mogi
This kind of “Biwa” is taken in Nagasaki prefecture, Kagoshima prefecture, and Kagawa prefecturefrom May to June. The size is smaller (40-50g). It is sweet and a little bit sour.

2. “Tanaka
This is raised in Ehime prefecture, Chiba prefecture, Kagawa prefecture, Hyogo prefecture, etc. The best season is June. The size is bigger than “Mogi”but very sweet.

3. “Nagasaki-wase
The harvest place is Nagasaki prefecture as its name. “Biwa” is originally produced in spring, however, this is taken in winter. The weight is average (40-60g) and the taste is sweet and mild. Most of them are grown by house cultivation.

4. “Oobusa”
This is taken in Chiba prefecture. The harvest season is June. The size is bigger (100g) and the balance of sweetness and sourness is best.

The weakness point of this delicious seasonal fruits is the storage. It does not need to store in the refrigerator, but it lasts only 2 to 3 days after you take them. You must enjoy the limited time of delicious fruits.

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