【Food】 “Anmitsu,” the healthy Japanese “ Gummy Bear” treat for adults.2015.06.05

150605 あんみつ

Japan known for delicious food like “Sukiyaki” or “Sushi,” now has another rising culinary star – “Anmitsu.”It is a year round Japanese low calorie sweet that is especially popular during the summer. It is said to start around 1900 at Asakusa, Tokyo. It is one variety of traditional Japanese dessert Mitsumame, topped with sweet red bean paste. Many Japanese enjoy its color of diced agar jelly looks cool. When you put the “Anmitsu,” it makes refreshing feel. In your mouth, the sweet azuki beans paste is not too sweet, but give us enough energy when we get tired from summer heat. The combination of bite size fruits, agar jelly, and azuki beans is both nutritious and wholesome. Agar contains iodine and calcium that acts as a body cooling agent. Also, Agar aids digestion and contains no calories.

“An” literary means sweet red bean paste, which we also call “Anko.”  Many traditional Japanese sweets use this special paste. “Mitsu” literary means molasses syrup. It is different kind of fruits such as cherries, pineapple, mandarin oranges and agar jelly mixed with molasses and topped with sweet red bean paste. Agar jelly is a plant based gelatin of red algae or seaweed and azuki beans. The sweeten azuki bean paste delivers protein, fiber, iron, magnesium, zinc, potassium, folic acid and is low in fat.

Try “Anmitsu,” a dessert that has been popular in Japan, try a variation with anko, the sweet red peas, ice cream with coffee. You will be pleasantly surprised, refreshed, energized and ready for your next activity.


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