【Saitama】A Wisteria Hanged on the Trellis2015.05.18

05/18 藤棚

A wisteria is a flower which starts to bloom from the end of April to the middle of May in Japan. The color is pretty purple and it has many vines. The wisteria is grown hanging from a trellis.

Japanese tends to enjoy seasonal flower viewing. The most famous one for foreigners may be cherry blossom which is called “Sakura” in the beginning of April. After a cherry blossom viewing, the next target of the people is “Fuji-dana.”

Why do they like those flowers? That is related to Japanese trait which they love something beautiful each season. The flowers have a power to heal the people. Every May, Fuji-dana is so popular that many people go “Fuji-dana” viewing. The wisteria trellis which is called “Fuji-dana” looks magnificent and smells sweet when the wind is breezing. And then, you can also watch a mysterious beauty of “Fuji-dana”at night.
“Fuji-dana” is the wisteria hanged on the trellis, and it remind you a purple curtain spreading above your head. A well-smelling “Fuji-dana” is a symbol of spring.

When you come to Japan in May, I recommend you to go “Fuji-dana” viewing in Fuji-no-ushijima, Kasakabe-shi, Saitama prefecture. Fuji-no-ushijima is located between Tokyo and Narita airport. It must be easier go there for “Fuji-dana” viewing.

It says “Fuji-dana” in Fuji-no-ushijima is the top of the world. And also it is designated as a national natural treasure.

The access is the followings,
・from airport area 1 hour 50 mins. drive
・from Tokyo area 1 hour 30 mins. drive

Please make sure to take your camera!


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