【Ibaraki】A hilltop Nemophila, “Hitachi Kaihin Park”2015.05.07


Hitachi Kaihin Park” is a national park located in Ibaraki Prefecture. It prides itself on its 41 times the size of Tokyo Dome. Variety of seasonal events will be held at there, and you can enjoy most beautiful flowers in each season whenever you go.

The most popular event is “Flowering” which will be held in spring. It is kind of a relay between three flowers which byword of the arrival of spring. Starting with “Suisen(narcissus)” and then “tulips” will be the next and finish off the relay with the carpet of bright blue “Nemophila(five spot or baby blue eyes in English)” at the “Miharashi no Oka.” At this time of year is the most flourishing time which makes a magnificent flower scene everywhere in the park.

Among of all spots, nemophila on the Miharashi no Oka which has an unshakable popularity known as “nemophila harmony” being a definite must-see. It has become established as one of the spring features in this park, and they are best viewed from April to May every year. “Miharashi no Oka” is filled with blossoms of sparkling blue nemophila. It is really fantastic scenery. Once you stand on there, you can not see exactly the line between the sky and earth or the ocean. It gives you a magical feeling as if you are walking in the air and you absolutely love it! In addition, there is beautiful nature art made with white colored nemophila on the ocean side of the hill. It is also worth seeing.

However, you have to be aware that it will be really crowded so many people and of course jams everywhere around this area during the Golden Week holidays in Japan. Basically the holidays start from 29th of April and end up on 6th of May so if it’s possible, you better go there avoiding those holidays. Still, if you insist on visiting there during that time or you have no choice, you must choose to go there in the early morning opening hours for a limited time. In doing so you can avoid not only being annoyed by crowded people but also you can enjoy the precious experience which you can not have in the normal opening hours. The view of those flower petals impearled with morning dew or a cool clear air on your face for instance.

As a side note, there are various ways of access but if you are looking for something different or something more valuable, probably it is good idea to try some of the daytrip bus tour. Some tours include delicious lunch and some are take you to other sightseeing spot in this area accompany with a veteran guide.


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