【Aomori】The cherry blossoms at the Hirosaki-jo Castle2015.04.29


With the advent of spring, many Japanese bring up the image of cherry blossoms and ”Hanami(Cherry blossom viewing).” The cherry blossoms last only short period of times which is why considered ephemeral beauty, but it gives people a lot of enjoyment. Also the “Hanami” which we enjoy a lavish feast accompany with lots of sake has prevailed as a signature of spring event in Japan for long time.

Basically, Japanese have a celebration in spring every year and that is why we created a special frontal for cherry blossoms called “Sakura zenzen” for the Japanese meteorological Agency’s annual cherry blossoms forecast. Generally, it is moving from south to north and low to high altitudes. To put it more precisely, first it makes landfall “Kyousyu island” in the end of March and then it’ll moving northward in sequence and then reach “Hokkaido” in the beginning of May.

Needless to say, we have a lot of great Hanami spots in Japan, but one of the most famous spot that you can not miss is “Hirosaki-jo Castle (Hirosaki park).” At the this park toward the “Hirosaki-jo Castle,” you can see Japan’s oldest and largest trunk of cherry blossom. The park has been designated as a one of three great “Yozakura“(means night viewing illuminated cherry blossoms) and one of three the great sight for cherry blossoms.

For your information, since the first time that we planted original cherry blossom in 1715, we have continued planting them until the park covered completely by so many beautiful cherry blossoms. Now there are about 2600 trees and 52 different kinds of cherry blossoms at the Park.

You can enjoy the great view anywhere in the park, of course, but you must see the collaboration between “Hirosaki-jo tensyu(An tower of HIrosaki-jo)” and the cherry blossoms around there. It is fantastic at the daytime view, but if you really want to see one of the best sights of all, you have to visit there at night time. Nothing can be better those magnificent sights! It is more than just great. It is unbelievable!

There are plenty of other lovely spot or sights in the Park. Such as amazing “Sakura hubuki” which means cherry blossoms in full bloom falling like a snowstorm or the tunnel made by the cherry blossom trees or water moats covered with colorful petals etc…

Each and every spot is spectacular but you want to see all those sights, it is essential to check “Sakura zensen” before you decide the day you visit!


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