【Food】Try to Eat Japanese Pickles, Tsukemono, with Cooked Rice!2015.04.28

04/28 漬物

Have you ever eaten Japanese cuisine? Mostly, we eat Japanese pickles, called “Tsukemono.” For foreigners, it is difficult to pronounce “Tsu”-sound so you may want to call them Japanese pickles. Many Japanese like them because they are suitable with cooked rice or even go with tea time. Just-cooked white rice is the best partner with them.

There are many kinds of Tsukemono. Here is the list of some.


It is rice bran pickles. “Nukazuke” is a pickle which is pickled with some”Nuka” which is fermented food.


It is lightly-pickled with some salt. Sometimes in the Local Summer festivals, there is a shop to sell the Asazuke of cucumbers for the visitors.

The ingredients of Japanese pickles are vegetables such as cucumbers, eggplants, carrots, radishes, Celeries, and Japanese horse radishes. While many Japanese people eat Japanese cuisine, it is basically very popular to be served with meals.

Some people like to eat “Tsukemono” instead of a snack while they enjoy tea times. People who like these pickled vegetables can make themselves at home by instant “Asazuke” juice or “Nuka.”

“Tukemono” has been popular for a preserved food for a long time. Why don’t you try some “Tsukemono” if you visit Japan and eat Japanese cuisine?

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