【Kagawa】Angel’s Walking Trail, Shodoshima Island2015.04.23


In Shodoshima Island, there are several interesting sightseeing sites like movie village, olive park and soy sauce factory. “Angel road” is one of the don’t-miss spots.

“Angel road,” located in west part of Shodoshima Island, Kagawa Prefecture (Shikoku district in West Japan) is a popular sightseeing spot for mainly lovers. The total 500m (1640ft) length of the “road” appears only twice a day during low tide. You can cross the sandbar among Bentenjima Island, Shouyoshima Island, Nakayoshima Island and Daishima Island.

Legend has it that if you cross the narrow sandbar hand in hand with your boyfriend/girlfriend, an angel would descend on earth and fulfill your wishes. You will be happy together. Many couples take the opportunity to dedicate heart shaped “ema” (small wooden plaques that Shinto worshipers write their wishes) on the first islet’s trees. You can witness the appearance of “Angel road,” connecting islands from a neighboring observation deck, called “Yakusoku no Oka.”

“Angel road” is passive during ebb tide but completely submerged at high tide, so crossing sandbar may be even exciting.

A lot of fish such as starfish, actinia are left on the rocky stretch can be found, so family visitors with children may enjoy the site too. Shellfish gathering has been popular among local residents.

Even you don’t have lover, it might be fun to cross sandbar with friends! It is worth visiting.


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