【Wooden Plain Box】Blending Right in With Your Life Spaces2015.04.20


There are many kinds of cases, depending on the usages. For example, you may need your accessories to put in and want to store candies. However, if the case designs are too colorful or too detailed, they would not fit in your living room or bedroom.

KOTON “V-Shape” plain box is the one you may be interested in. The form of its case is very simple but well designed.


Aesthetic consciousness of Japanese people

Have you ever heard the word, “wabi sabi” which is the concept of aesthetic sense in Japanese art? The silhouette tend to be very important part of Japanese aesthetic consciousness. Japanese people have a great regard for balancing and universal. As a result, they try to avoid the useless things.

KOTON “V-Shape” plain box is two-tiered case with a top. The fittings are applied with great accuracy, so that it looks seamless when looking at it. In addition, it has the annual rings of trees which make you feel natural. This is why it is blending right in with your life space even though it is simple design.

It can allow you to enjoy wabi sabi in your live.

You can find the Japanese well-designed plain box here!



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