【Aichi】Breakfast Special in Nagoya2015.04.06

04/06 モーニング

Have you heard Morning Service? It is not a mass in Catholic in church! Among the protestants they call Morning Service for mass, however, in Japan Morning Service means Breakfast Special in cafes or restaurants. It is fun, isn’t it?

Especially, breakfast in Nagoya is interesting because the amount is really big instead the cheap price. Only drink price gives you toast and a salad, and even an egg. This is a based style.

Then, why is it famous in Nagoya? In fact, the beginning of breakfast is Nagoya, Aichi prefecture. For business meeting in the morning, businessmen started to use a cafe as a breakfast meeting. It was simple breakfast with toast, coffee, egg and some peanuts. But now, many suburban type cafes supply very thick toast, coffee, salad, and egg etc. only for coffee charges. The famous chain cafe is KOMEDA. The photo above doesn’t have anko(sweet beans)to put on the toast instead of jam but this is typical style in Nagoya as well.

Lately, wherever you are, you can find such Morning Services, so why don’t you try once? Remember, you have a hungry stomach from the morning!

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