【Green Teas】“Sencha” and ”Matcha” – How do they differ?2015.03.17


There are a wide variety of green teas such as “Gyokuro”, “Sencha”, “Konacha”, “Genmaicha”, “Houjicha”, “Matcha” and so on. They are originally from the same tea leaves. However, the categories of teas depends on the process of making tea leaves.

The main difference from these is the process. “Sencha” uses the leaves, steams, and massages with heat. This process adds the deep flavor to the teas. You make “Sencha” with a teapot, and the flavor is chimes with distinctive sweetness and astringency. On the other hand, the leaves of ”Matcha” are shut from sunlight to make the color deeper and darker. The leaves are steamed, dried and milled with mortar called “Chausu”.

Sencha” is good for general drinking. You can have “Sencha” with your meals, after jogging or during studying. Whatever you want can go with “Sencha”! On the other hand, “Matcha” is usually served with some sweets such as rice cake, rice dumpling,western confectioneries, and ice creams.

Green tea is known to be healthy drink and good for beauty and diet. You might see green tea Kitkat in supermarkets and green tea frappetino at Starbucks all over the world. Green tea refreshing drinks overseas tend to be sweetened with sugar. They are cool and nice, but we will recommend to take opportunities to have real Japanese teas with “Sencha” and ”Matcha”. It is worth trying!


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