【Oita】Yufuin, an Attractive Onsen Area2015.03.09

湯布院Yufuin is located in Oita prefecture, and well known as onsen area, nestling in a verdant basin at the foot of the majestic Mount Yufu-dake(5,194ft/1,584m). The volume of water is No.2 in Japan. (No. 1 is Beppu-city where is also located in Oita prefecture.)You can enjoy a view as it changes from season to season, such as cherry blossom and rope blossoms in spring; green rice fields in summer; yellow ginkos and bright red maples in autumn; and white snow covering the whole town in winter.

One of the natural landmark in Yufuin is Lake Kinrin-ko. At dawn the steam rising from the lake wreathes the town in a dreamlike mist. The lake is located at the end of the town’s main walking route,”Yunotsubo Kaido(street)” and it takes 20minutes on foot from the Yufuin station. There are many attractive shops and restaurants on the street, so it must be enjoyable to stroll about on the way.

Yufuin station was designed by one of the Japanese famous architect, Isozaki Arata. This train station is a small gem, quite traditional in style. It houses an art gallery and at the other end of the platform, an”ashiyu”, a thermal foot bath in which to relax.

Yufuin’s baths are spread out all across the town, so it also might be convenient to get on a bicycle. At Yufuin Station you can rental a bicycle for 250 yen per hour or 1250 yen per day. And also from the station, a “tsuji basha”, a horsedrawn cart, is available to take families on a pleasant tour of the town(every 30min 9am-4pm;tour lasts 50min; \1600).

In Yufuin you would find plenty of attractive rural scenery, and enjoy comfortable time.



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