【Washoku】 Washoku ,Japanese Traditional Cuisines Iincluding Historic and Originally-developed Western Dishes2015.03.06


03/06 一汁一菜

What kinds of images do you have forJapanese cuisines known as “Washoku”? Some might come up with “Sushi”, and “Tempura”, which are famous for people all over the world. “Washoku” includes “Curry-rice”, and “hamburg-steak,” which had imported from Western cuisine and has developed originally in Japan. “Washoku” has been gathering attention recent years in the view of cuisine style and health aspects from the world.

“Washoku” has four major components. One of them is cooked rice, plays a main role of Japanese cuisine and called staple food. Another major component is miso soup, seasoned with miso paste. There are several dishes. We have one main dish. One example is salted and grilled saury. A couple of side dishes come with main dish. For example, there is boiled spinaches with soy sauce or simmered vegetables. Set of one soup and three dishes that is called Ichiju Sansai is typical Japanese food style. One more important thing is Japanese pickles, tsukemono, or sometimes called Konomono. They always accompany “Washoku”.

Thus, these four components make up “Washoku”. We eat cooked rice as staple food, so “Washoku” is well-balanced diet. It is known to be very good for your health because of the wide variety of ingredients are used. You may find “Washoku” restaurants in your home country as “Washoku” is famous and popular across the world. “Washoku” was registered to UNESCO intangible culture heritage in 2013. Please try and enjoy not only original-style “Washoku”, but Japanese-original-developed Western foods.

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