【Yamagata & Miyagi】Juhyo, Ice Monster Created by Nature2015.03.04

03/04 樹氷

Juhyou, soft rime, is a phenomenon coated trees with granulated ice made from frozen fog and moisture in the air, which can be only created under special condition (gentle breeze below minus 5 degree). It is called Ice monster as the trees covered by ice looks alike monster.

Tohoku is the place many ice monster might be seen, specially Zao in Yamagata and Miyagi. “Zao Juhyo Festival” is held every year during December – March and attract visitors with the fusion of fireworks and ice monster in the beauty of Winter.

Many visitors from overseas come to Zao area for ski holiday in every winter. If you have a luck, you can encounter the art created by nature, Ice monsters before they are gone!

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