【Toyama】Enjoy “The gorge of snow “at Kurobe Alpine Route Using 7 Different Public Transportation2015.02.27

02/27 黒部アルペンルート

Kurobe Alpine Route is the most famous mountain sightseeing route in Japan, where you can see a spectacular world. Kurobe Alpine Route, between Tateyama, Toyama and Omachi Nagano, is 37km in length, but the vertical drop is 1,975m .. No private cars are allowed in order to protect the surrounding environment. so we have to use 7 different public transportation with 5 different modes like funicular, bus, trolleybus, aerial tramway, and walking. People enjoy seeing it whether it is Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall; each season shows a different view of beautiful nature.

You might have seen the picture of “The gorge of snow” which we call ” Yuki no ootani“. This incredible snow wall goes up 15m – 20m high and you can go through by bus and on your feet, too. You can enjoy “Yuki no ootani” between early April to the middle of June in the Murodo area on the Kurobe Alpine Route. Now many people from all over the world want to see this majestic snow corridor.

Kurobe Alpine Route also includes Kurobe Dam. It is the tallest dam in Japan (the height is 186 meters) and the Dam discharges 15 tons of water per second in the summer. People enjoy the tremendous roiling water falling from the Kurobe Dam. Kurobe Alpine Route has all levels of hiking which all ages can enjoy. It is specially scenic during the autumn when the trees are changing color.

Many people said to me “If you go to Kurobe Alpine Route, you want to go back for a different season again,” and many of them are planning to. Every season has its own beauty for you to enjoy.


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