【Miyagi】Zunda mochi, confection with green soybeans!2014.02.25

A Soybean is one of the most important food for Japanese. We eat it on a daily basis as a side dish or condiment, and in some cases, we use soybeans to make confections.

Zunda mochi is made by rice cake and green soybeans. It is one of the Japanese fresh confections. Zunda mochi is the rice cake covered with sweetened mashed green soybeans.

宮城県 ずんだ餅 Photo by zenjiro
宮城県 ずんだ餅 Photo by David Niergarth

It smells of grass and it’s a wonderful design. It was just a local confection, but now it is widely known and passed on all over Japan.

It is really beautiful confection with pale green bean jam, and it’s also tasty.


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