[Sizuoka] Shuzenji; the historic hot spa with a famous Samurai legend2014.02.14

Many hot spa and sightseeing sites are located in the Izu Peninsula, Sizuoka pref.
Atami is the most popular city accommodating many hot spas there. Shuzenji has, however, a different atmosphere from Atami. Each of the traditional Japanese style inns accommodate its own hot spring, and visitors have fun to enjoy Japanese fresh sea food cuisine with Soba dishes, or buckwheat noodles, called Shuzenji Soba.

修禅寺 静岡県 Photo by BlueSkyMomonga
修禅寺 静岡県 Photo by BlueSkyMomonga

Shuzenji Temple is another sightseeing site there, where it is said that a young shogun, was killed about 800 years ago, by his own mother’s order whose husband was the first shogun in the history of Japan.


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