[Nagasaki] Megane-bashi, the most popular two-arched bridge in Japan2014.02.13

“Megane” means a pair of glasses in Japanese. People in Edo era (1603-1878) used to call the arched bridge “Megane” bridge because its image reflecting on the surface of the water looks a pair of glasses. The bridge across over the Nakajima river running in the center of Nagasaki city, is one of the most famous “Megane” bridges in Japan, which influenced the construction of the Double Bridge at the Palace in Tokyo.

眼鏡橋 長崎県 by alberth2

眼鏡橋 長崎県 by ume-y

If you take a walk along both sides of the river, you might be able to find the heart shaped stone built in the river wall. Why don’t you come to Megane-bashi and try to find a lucky stone with your boy or girl friend?


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