[Tokyo-eki], the biggest station in Tokyo in Japan2014.02.10

Tokyo-eki is a railway station in Chiyoda-ku in Tokyo. It has the most platforms and is the busiest station in Japan. It was built in 1914 and made Marunouchi side building with red bricks by Kingo Tatsuno. It has renovated and opened in October 2012. It is beautiful during the night since it’s illuminated outside. There are a lot of train lines and Shinkansen lines. Also you can purchase Eki-ben (lunch box). There are various lunch boxes available so you can enjoy having different kinds of them.

東京駅 東京都 Photo by Yuya Sekiguchi

東京駅 東京都Photo by Yuya Sekiguchi

Why don’t visit here to enjoy the biggest station in Japan when you come to Tokyo?


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