[Ehime] Dogo-Onsen; a homage illustrated in a famous Japanese anime film2014.02.07

If you are an enthusiastic Japanese anime fun, you had better visiting Matsuyama city, Ehime pref., where you can find the original model architecture named “Yuya” illustrated in the movie titled “Spirited Away”, directed by Studio Ghibli. The 3-storied full wooden building is officially named “Dogo-Onsen Honkan”, the central building of Dogo-Onsen Hot Spring. It is designated as an important cultural property in Japan.

道後温泉 愛媛県 Photo by Hyougushi

道後温泉 愛媛県 Photo by zamojojo

道後温泉 愛媛県 Photo by misawakatsutoshi

As soon as you go into the entrance hall, you might look like one of the characters like playing in the anime film. Let’s enjoy taking a bath and trying Japanese sweets served in the Japanese Tatami-mat flooring lounge. The only unfortunate thing is that no ghost playing in the film must emerge to eat you in the building.


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