[Shizuoka]Fujisan Hongu Sengen Taisha – The best place to cleanse your soul.2014.01.20

The Fujisan Hongu Sengen Taisha is a Shinto shrine located in Fujinomiya city in the southwestern foothills of Mount Fuji. It was originally build over 1000 years ago for the protection from volcanic eruptions and the entire top of Mount Fuji from the 8th stage upwards is considered to be part of the shrine grounds.


Photo by ume-y

There are about 500 cherry trees on the ground around the shrine. The beautiful contrast of the sky, Mount Fuji, the shrine and the cherry blossoms have never stopped attracting and nurturing the visitors. It symbolises the spirits of peace-loving Japanese and regardless of nationality, no one is not moved by the sacredness of this nature composition. It is not exaggerated to call the shrine the most beautiful shrine in Japan.


Photo by ume-y


Photo by ume-y

The most sacred place in the shrine is the pond called “Wakutamaike” that is made up with the meltwater from Mount Fuji, where you can actually drink the water. There is a ritual to cleanse the body with the water before you climb Mount Fuji meaning to purify the body and soul, and pray before meeting the great god of Fuji.


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