Sefa Utaki – Sacred place of the Ryukyu kingdom2013.12.10

Sefa Utaki is an important sacred place of the indigenous Okinawa religion. Okinawa used to be an independent kingdom called Ryukyu between 15th to 19th century. Sefa Utaki was one of the main locations for religious ceremonies and rituals for Ryukyu kingdom.


Photo by Hyougushi

The place is located on a densely forested hillside along the ocean and features several rock formations, which are connected with each other by walking trails. During the Ryukyu kingdom period, only women and the royal family were allowed to visit. It is now part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site and a famous tourist site as it is said that it still retains some spiritual power of the Ryukyu kingdom.


Photo by Hyougushi



Photo by SteFou!

It would be impossible not to believe the power of god by seeing this magical creation of the nature at Sefa Utaki and I am sure that you will feel blessed.


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